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Health Consultant (Mei'an University Pharmacy) (Wuxi)

Job responsibilities:
1、Health medication consultation, membership management, shopping guide, cash register.
1、Secondary technical school or above with major in pharmacy, medicine or marketing, and excellent fresh graduates are also eligible.;
2、Love the retail industry, down-to-earth diligence, hospitality, good communication skills, able to adapt to shift work;
3、Good health, good facial features, good temperament and appearance。

Sales Representatives of Dental Products (Nanjing)

Job responsibilities:
1、Complete product bidding, sales, delivery, settlement, repayment and other related work;
2、Do a good job of customer after-sales service and maintain good customer relationship。
1、College degree or above, basic medical and nursing knowledge and basic marketing knowledge;
2、More than 1 year working experience in sales of medical devices. Major in oral medicine or experience in oral consumables industry is preferred;
3、Good communication, negotiation, pioneering and management skills;
4、Proficiency in common office software, ERP management system, etc.;
5、It can adapt to the challenges brought by the rapid development of our company, has a good career planning and a strong enterprising spirit.。
Working address: New World Center, 88 Zhujiang Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Medical Information Communication Commissioner (Suzhou)

Job responsibilities:
1、Communication of medical information under company policies and procedures;
2、Provide timely market information and make appropriate recommendations;
3、Establish good relationship with customers and maintain company image;
4、Responsible for product promotion in the region。
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in medicine, pharmacy, life sciences or other related fields is preferred;
2、Recognize company values, be honest and upright, work actively and be optimistic;
3、Good communication skills and strong desire to learn;
4、Good command of MS Office and good English;
5、Preferred place of residence or origin for Jiangsu;
6、Car driving skills are preferred。