Ibuprofen -- as long as you want it, as long as I have it!

Publisher:Maxhealth  DATE:2022-12-23

"Hello, is this Meian Pharmaceutical? We are the epidemic prevention headquarters of Liangxi District There are hundreds of thousands of elderly people in our area, which urgently need anti fever medicine reserves....”

"Can you think of a way? There are so many patients in the hospital now that they need antipyretic drugs urgently... Mei'an, please help me think of a way to help them..."

"Can you buy ibuprofen tablets here? We have a large number of employees waiting for rescue. Many of our families are young and old, so we have to shoulder the burden......"

It coincides with winter and the virus is rampant.

Recently, Meian Pharmaceutical has been receiving calls for help from government departments, major hospitals and friendly cooperation units of the Ministry, all of which are due to a hard to find ibuprofen tablet. In the face of this dilemma, Meian Pharmaceutical is duty bound. At this time, as a senior pharmaceutical enterprise, it must assume its due responsibility and work with Wuxi Municipal Government and all government agencies and units, Liangxi District Government and all government agencies and units to immediately solve the urgent problem of civilian drug difficulties in the city.

The first batch of 137700 ibuprofen tablets were raised through multiple fundraising, high price acquisition, twists and turns, and huge manpower and material resources. At present, all of them have been donated free of charge to relevant units. The goods of Meian Pharmaceutical will not be put into the market for the time being, but will be directly donated to medical institutions and units that are really in urgent need.

At present, according to incomplete statistics, Meian Pharmaceutical has donated more than ten hospitals, administrative institutions, enterprises and individuals in urgent need of drugs.

Ibuprofen tablets have been donated